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The #1 Course Evaluation Software


Elevate the Experience at your Higher Education Brand

Measure, Analyze, and Elevate learning experiences in a way that drives action and results
Gather comprehensive insights of learning and development across Courses, Programs and Schools.
Compare, Contrast, and Monitor Benchmarks and Trends
Maintain Accrediation standards within Educational Programs through a Digital Assessment Lifecycle

Expert Designed Course Evaluations

Get high-quality, actionable data with every course evaluation.
Choose from a range of pre-built Evaluation Frameworks designed by PhD Educational Research scientists or, build your own and rely on ExpertReview to do the heavy lifting for you.
Automate Evaluation processes across the year for deployments of all sizes.
Faculty or staff: Collect timely feedback about the curriculum and teaching methods and action on them in a timely manner.

Powerful Analytics and Automated Reports for Course Instructors

Role-based dashboards help you share data to the right stakeholders at the right time.
Uncover the pulse of the education and how satisfied students are with you.
Leverage QuestionPro Course Experience with your existing LMS Systems like Moodle and Canvas to automate processes via a centralized repository.
Digitize the experience of Course Evaluations through the all the Course Experience Mobile App.

Digitize the Course Evaluation Experience on all Platforms: Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices.

Students can now do their Course Evaluations on their Mobile Phones.
Make Course Evaluations quick and easy (finally!) through our innovative Course Experience Mobile App.
Push reports directly to the mailboxes of your Course Instructors at your University.
The QuestionPro Difference
Course Framework Editor
Customize your Course Evaluation Survey using various Question types, and get access to a library of Templates.
Role-Based User Management
Setup various roles for different type of users at the University: Administrator, Professor, IT Manager.
Easy Excel Data Import
Import all your Students and Course Information seamlessly through an Excel import and map all configurable data on the Platform.
Setup Courses, Instructors & Departments
Categorize the Courses and Departments at the University and map them to a set of instructors.
Automated Course Deployments
Easily schedule and automate your Course Evaluation Process at the University including the reminders for completing the evaluations, and Report distribution.
Robust Insight Widgets and Analytical Dashboards
University Dashboard can now be customized based on powerful widgets and get a holistic overview of scores across different departments, campuses, and Subjects.
Department and Campus Wide Reports
Easily download reports for the University and benchmark scores across various Departments and Campuses. Compare scores across different semesters.
Seamless Integrations with LMS:- Moodle, Canvas
Now Integrate seamlessly with LMS Systems like Canvas and Moodle to have your University Course Roster synced automatically with Course Experience and automated the feedback process.
Calculate University Net Promoter Score
Understand the advocacy of your Students and deep dive into the University Net Promoter Score, which helps drive University accreditations.
Get a 'holistic perspective of the Students Voice' in an Instructor Report
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